SAW’s Favourite Korean Dramas of 2013 (Part I)

I AM ALIVE! It’s kind of sad that the first post this year is near the end of February, but it is never too late to catch up on the latest Korean dramas. Here are the top 7 dramas from (or started) last year that had me extremely emotionally invested.

8. Marry Him If You Dare

00000000posterMHIYD1Also known as Mi Rae’s Choice, a Korean pun on the titular character’s name and the meaning of future, this rom-com fantasy with time travel may not be on my mother’s personal list, but no one asked her for her opinion anyways. With Yoon Eun Hye as Na Mi Rae, a 32-year old television broadcast writer, and Choi Myung Gil as the 57-year old future self of Mi Rae, this drama starts with an older Mi Rae travelling back in time to try and change her own future. The leading males are Lee Dong Gun as an arrogant news anchor, and Jung Yong Hwa as the chaebol successor of the media conglomerate masquerading as a VJ. Though the ending made me angry because they never actually showed WHO ended up being Mi Rae’s choice, which was the whole point of the drama anyways, this drama has its moments with the plot twists and humour.

7. The Good Doctor

fullsizephoto334758 Joo Won plays Park Shin On, an autistic savant who works to become a genius pediatric surgeon despite having the mentality of a grade schooler. Moon Chae Won plays Cha Yoon Seo, his colleague, and Joo Sang Wook plays Kim Do Han, their professor. This medical drama, while the main focus is on Park Shin On’s journey to become a great doctor in spite of his disorder, also has hints of romance and comedy. However, there are lots of feels in this drama, and Joo Won does a great job in bringing light to how many obstacles autistic people have to overcome to try and lead a normal life. 

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Happy Halloween~

A little late, but have a happy Halloween, friends! Check out Inhae Lee’s My Milk Toof post for Halloween this year.

It’s even cuter than the last. Hehhehheh

MMT_Halloween 2013

PS: Sorry for the long absence, I have no real excuse.

PPS: My Milk Toof is a really cute comic, go check them out please.



Song of the Week – 2NE1’s Falling in Love

I’ve given up entirely posting one of these once a week. This week’s song of the week is 2NE1‘s newest release, Falling in Love. While I personally don’t love going to the beach, I feel very much in the mood for it after watching this MV. How do they keep looking so good no matter what they wear? Granted their outfits aren’t as outrageous as their other MVs, they still make all the other Korean girl groups looks like child’s play. How does Dara keep looking like she’s still in college after all these years? Is she a vampire? Bom seriously looks like a hot Greece goddess, and why does CL have to look like she’s a model all the time? Gawddammit, so much jealousy. Oh my. And the boys! What else do you do but go to the beach and sit around looking at those pretty boys? Minzy sure isn’t shy about checking out the boys.  They all look so happy in the video that I can’t help but feeling more upbeat. Hope everyone feels more happy after this sexy dose of KPOP, cuz I sure do.

S.A.W.’s Top 10 Most Anticipated Summer 2013 Films – Part II

Hi hi. Even though more than half of these movies have already come out, I am determined to force-feed you the list that I made at the beginning of summer for the films I want to see. Mainly because I’m procrastinating again, and I am stalling all the homework I have to finish by this week. School is terrible for your health during the summer, it gives you allergies to life. So go bike around, bake a cake, wait a film, or the fireworks, sleep all day, that’s what summer is for.

5. The Kings of Summer

A comedy-drama film that first premiered at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, this light-hearted film stars Nick Robinson as Joe Toy, a highschool boy on the verge of adolescence who finds himself increasingly on edge with his single father, Frank (Nick Offerman). Together with his best friend, Patrick (Gabriel Brasso) and a strange tag-along kid named Biaggio (Moisés Arias), they find a clearing in the woods where they build their own house, a place free from their suffocating parents. Free at last, they are now the kings of their own lives. While it may not be realistic, as most teenage boys hardly know how to do their own laundry, much less survive in the woods for over a month, this is still a decent coming-of-age film that makes you reminiscence of those days when freedom from your parents was all you ever wanted. If you ever get tired of all those action-superhero-Hollywood-blockbuster films this summer, The Kings of Summer may surprise you.

Released May 31, 2013. In theatres now.

4. R.I.P.D.

When detective Nick Walker (Ryan Reynolds) is killed in action, he finds himself recruited as part of the R.I.P.D. – the Rest in Peace Department, the undead police department dedicated to hunting down the evil spirits who refuse to move on into the afterlife. Partnered with a veteran officer,  Roy Pulsipher (Jeff Bridges), Nick tries to find the man who killed him while catching the souls who attempt to escape judgement and the afterlife. While I’m usually not a Ryan Reynolds fan, the trailer looks to be a promising sci-fi film. Plus, have you seen Mary-Louise Parker as the Proctor in the trailer? She looks hilarious. Hehhehhahahahaha.

Comes out July 19, 2013.

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Gastown – Taste Vancouver Food Tour

I’ve recently redeemed a voucher on the Social Shopper for the Taste Vancouver Food Tour. The particular one I chose was the one for Gastown. The other one that was available was for Little Italy, but I chose Gastown because it suited my tastes more. For $59 for 2 people, the tour consisted of 2.5 hours around 10 locations (11 including Starbucks) throughout Gastown, giving us a nice historic tour as well as different samples of foods from places I didn’t know had existed. The past Wednesday, on July 10, 2013, I participated the tour with Jess. We met up with our tour group at 2 at the Starbucks near Waterfront, where we met our fellow tour mates and tour guides. There, we were greeted with iced coffee and oat bars from Starbucks. Our tour guides were named Riley and Cody, and they were all very friendly and good at their job. Funny fact was that Jess and I were the only locals on the tour. There was a older couple from North Carolina, as well as 2 ladies from Berlin (I believe, not sure). According to Riley, apparently I have a slight Alberta accent. Hmmmm…


The first stop after Starbucks was The Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar. There, we tried the lobster mac’n’cheese. Usually, I’m not a big fan of mac’n’cheese, but this one was amazing. Not too cheesy, very creamy, nice chucks of lobster meat topped with a nice crunch of bread crumbs, this was one of my top two favourite dishes on the tour. 

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S.A.W.’s Top 10 Most Anticipated Summer 2013 Films – Part I

What is summer for? I hate beaches, I hate getting tanned. To me, summer is about eating all the ice cream and barbecue that you can, and feeling so sluggish that you only have the energy to nap and watch movies.  Well, that’s what I do all year round, but summer is when you’re allowed to, assuming you don’t have school like me. While summer has technically already started, Vancouver’s been finally hit with its first heat wave. Kids are getting out of school, and summer blockbusters are coming out in droves to make money off disgruntled parents trying to keep their kids entertained. And even though I’m still stuck in uni, you can be sure the kid in me needs to be entertained this summer too. Here is my list of top ten films I am most excited to see this summer.

NOTE: I have a thing for uncensored trailers, namely Red Band Trailers, in this case. They may contain nudity, profanity, blah blah blah. Viewer discretion is advised.

10. The To Do List

Starring Aubrey Plaza as Brandy Clark, this is a romantic comedy set in 1993 about a high school senior set on losing her virginity and gaining more sexual experience before she leaves for college. So sexually awkward that I can’t wait to see it, because awkward is sexy hilarious.

Comes out July 26, 2013.

9. The Hangover Part III

Not that I actually find the films particularly funny, but Ken Jeong as Leslie Chow is the only reason why I will watch the trilogy finale. This movie also stars Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Justin Bartha, and Zach Galifianakis. In this installment, the “Wolfpack”, namely Phil, Stu, Doug, are trying to help Alan after he is off his ADHD medication and starts going out of control. Sounds like every other Hangover film to me, but heck I’ll try it.

Released May 23, 2013. In theatres now.

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The Old and the New – Summer Night Market 2013

While Vancouver is on full-blast summer at the moment, today’s post will be on one of my favourite traditions of summer; the Night Market. Nothing quite says that summer is here like the stalls of various popular street foods, as well as numerous booths selling everything from DVDs to socks with animals on them.

20130601_192912[The Giant Magical Duck]

This year, there are two seperate Night Markets in Richmond, and one in Chinatown. The Richmond Night Market is a walking distance away from the Canada Line Bridgeport station at the River Rock Casino Resort. While parking is free there, there is an entrance fee of $2 per person. The other night market is the International Night Market, located on Vulcan Way behind Home Depot. This location was the original night market, but since the newer one by the casino opened, they had to change names to differentiate between the two. There is a free shuttle bus underneath the Bridgeport Station that takes you right to the entrance of the International Night Market, available every 20 minutes starting at 7:00pm. There is no entrance fee at this location, but parking would cost you $4, so if you plan to drive there, it might be cheaper to go with a bunch of friends and make them pay for the parking. And do bring cash, as most of the stalls only take that form of payment. It is Richmond, after all.

Now with all the mundane informative bits out of the way, here are some of the foods I like to purchase at the Night Market. Reminds me of Hong Kong actually, just a touch more multi-cultural. 

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Song of the Week: A Thousand Years – Christina Perri

This post is dedicated to one of the best friends I’ve ever had. You may be going through a dark time in your life, and while no one can promise that after you get through this, you won’t have to go through it again. But I can promise that as long as you want, I will stay as your friend who will listen and always be on your side, because you’ve always done the same for me no matter how crazy I got.

Here’s to hoping even if one day we do grow apart, we will still stay friends who will always be there for each other.

Here’s to being friends for the next thousand years, Jess. Too late to stop being friends now, can’t get rid of me now.

P.S. Please ignore the twilight parts of the music video. I just like the song, not the movie that it was a soundtrack of. You should know that by now.

 – S.A.W.

Under the Weather

Let me start this post with the routine excuses, this time to explain why there have been no updates for over a month. First, I came down with a dreadful cold, which left me with bad headaches every time I coughed, and little energy for anything else outside of school and work. Then, I just didn’t have the motivation. But the good news is, I’ve a lot to blog about since my time away from telling the internets my feelings. Even if the internets usually doesn’t care.

Last month, I went to EAT! Vancouver – Food and Cooking Festival that took place May 31-June 1, 2013 with Jess and Es S. While my friends had both attended the past festivals, this was my first time attending, so I was very excited. There were a lot of stalls, and I found myself half full just from tasting the samples they were giving out. The foods that were for sale via food tickets were reasonably priced, and all the people were super nice. Below are some of the foods we bought using the food tickets. A tip to future attendees, buy your door ticket online, it’s cheaper that way. Also walk around and try all the samples first, you get fuller that way from the free food. When you go to buy food from the stalls, walk around and see which stalls are the busier ones, it’s a good sign that it’s worth paying money for.

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Happy Mums’ Day

Here we are again, another holiday where we are tricked into spending more money on the economy. Why can’t we show our mothers love 365 days a year instead of once in the merry month of May? But then again, I too fell victim of corporations telling me I have to spend spend spend to show my mother love. I’m telling you, I was just checking the stuff out at the counter at Sears, but that saleslady was so aggressively good at her job. She also gave me a free copy of Elle’s Canada and a stick of lip gloss/mascara for free. I am a sucker. I am also now very much poorer, and can hear my bank account crying from the weight lost. Oh well, happy mother’s day everyone.


[Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair for my mum]

Agnes from Despicable Me 2 also wishes mothers everywhere a happy mother’s day in this adorable clip.

Here’s another catastrophically cute clip about how to show people you love them; through cooking! I wish I had a dog that cooks for me too… Show Madeline Sharafian some love by viewing her other videos here.

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!

 – S.A.W.