S.A.W.’s Top 10 Most Anticipated Summer 2013 Films – Part I

What is summer for? I hate beaches, I hate getting tanned. To me, summer is about eating all the ice cream and barbecue that you can, and feeling so sluggish that you only have the energy to nap and watch movies.  Well, that’s what I do all year round, but summer is when you’re allowed to, assuming you don’t have school like me. While summer has technically already started, Vancouver’s been finally hit with its first heat wave. Kids are getting out of school, and summer blockbusters are coming out in droves to make money off disgruntled parents trying to keep their kids entertained. And even though I’m still stuck in uni, you can be sure the kid in me needs to be entertained this summer too. Here is my list of top ten films I am most excited to see this summer.

NOTE: I have a thing for uncensored trailers, namely Red Band Trailers, in this case. They may contain nudity, profanity, blah blah blah. Viewer discretion is advised.

10. The To Do List

Starring Aubrey Plaza as Brandy Clark, this is a romantic comedy set in 1993 about a high school senior set on losing her virginity and gaining more sexual experience before she leaves for college. So sexually awkward that I can’t wait to see it, because awkward is sexy hilarious.

Comes out July 26, 2013.

9. The Hangover Part III

Not that I actually find the films particularly funny, but Ken Jeong as Leslie Chow is the only reason why I will watch the trilogy finale. This movie also stars Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Justin Bartha, and Zach Galifianakis. In this installment, the “Wolfpack”, namely Phil, Stu, Doug, are trying to help Alan after he is off his ADHD medication and starts going out of control. Sounds like every other Hangover film to me, but heck I’ll try it.

Released May 23, 2013. In theatres now.

8. Monsters University

From Disney PixarMonsters University is the prequel to Monsters, Inc. in 2001. This animated comedy is set when Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan first started university as rivals in the scaring program, and tells us how the duo eventually became friends working together in Monsters, Inc. While this movie shouldn’t really be on the list because I already watched it last week, it’s still a summer film, and this is my blog, so I can do whatever I want. And the movie was hilarious and worth watching. Mike Wazowski as a little monster is so cute. Also, it is accompanied by a short film, The Blue Umbrella, an adorable romance between a red and blue umbrella. It is worth showing up early to catch the short film right after the trailers end.

Released June 20, 2013. In theatres now.

7. Kick-ass 2

This summer seems to be popular for sequels and superhero films, and this movie hits both on the mark. Sequel to Kick-ass in 2010, this film stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Chloë Grace Moretz, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse in their reprising roles. Other heros insprised by Kick-ass start showing up, while Hit-girl tries to start a normal life and Red Mist plots revenge against Kick-ass for the death of his father. Blood, guts, and violence, what more can a girl want? Oh yea, wanna-be heros who actually get injured while fighting in an action movie. Let’s hope it’s as outrageous and crude as it predecessor.

Comes out August 16, 2013.

6. This Is the End

A parody apocalyptic comedy, this film stars Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride, and Craig Robinson as fictional versions of themselves. I usually only watch trashy films that are done well, and I have no idea if this one is any good yet, but I saw Emma Watson kick ass in the trailer, robbing six guys blind of their survival supplies, and that was all I needed to convince me to watch it. No questions asked.

Released June 12, 2013. In theatres now.

Part II will be posted in a few days. What summer films do you want to watch most? Tell me, I am curious as a cat. Let’s just hope it doesn’t kill me, nor this summer heat. Happy Canada Day, guys.

 – S.A.W.

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