SAW’s Favourite Korean Dramas of 2013 (Part I)

I AM ALIVE! It’s kind of sad that the first post this year is near the end of February, but it is never too late to catch up on the latest Korean dramas. Here are the top 7 dramas from (or started) last year that had me extremely emotionally invested.

8. Marry Him If You Dare

00000000posterMHIYD1Also known as Mi Rae’s Choice, a Korean pun on the titular character’s name and the meaning of future, this rom-com fantasy with time travel may not be on my mother’s personal list, but no one asked her for her opinion anyways. With Yoon Eun Hye as Na Mi Rae, a 32-year old television broadcast writer, and Choi Myung Gil as the 57-year old future self of Mi Rae, this drama starts with an older Mi Rae travelling back in time to try and change her own future. The leading males are Lee Dong Gun as an arrogant news anchor, and Jung Yong Hwa as the chaebol successor of the media conglomerate masquerading as a VJ. Though the ending made me angry because they never actually showed WHO ended up being Mi Rae’s choice, which was the whole point of the drama anyways, this drama has its moments with the plot twists and humour.

7. The Good Doctor

fullsizephoto334758 Joo Won plays Park Shin On, an autistic savant who works to become a genius pediatric surgeon despite having the mentality of a grade schooler. Moon Chae Won plays Cha Yoon Seo, his colleague, and Joo Sang Wook plays Kim Do Han, their professor. This medical drama, while the main focus is on Park Shin On’s journey to become a great doctor in spite of his disorder, also has hints of romance and comedy. However, there are lots of feels in this drama, and Joo Won does a great job in bringing light to how many obstacles autistic people have to overcome to try and lead a normal life. 

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