Song of the Week – 2NE1’s Falling in Love

I’ve given up entirely posting one of these once a week. This week’s song of the week is 2NE1‘s newest release, Falling in Love. While I personally don’t love going to the beach, I feel very much in the mood for it after watching this MV. How do they keep looking so good no matter what they wear? Granted their outfits aren’t as outrageous as their other MVs, they still make all the other Korean girl groups looks like child’s play. How does Dara keep looking like she’s still in college after all these years? Is she a vampire? Bom seriously looks like a hot Greece goddess, and why does CL have to look like she’s a model all the time? Gawddammit, so much jealousy. Oh my. And the boys! What else do you do but go to the beach and sit around looking at those pretty boys? Minzy sure isn’t shy about checking out the boys.  They all look so happy in the video that I can’t help but feeling more upbeat. Hope everyone feels more happy after this sexy dose of KPOP, cuz I sure do.

Song of the Week: A Thousand Years – Christina Perri

This post is dedicated to one of the best friends I’ve ever had. You may be going through a dark time in your life, and while no one can promise that after you get through this, you won’t have to go through it again. But I can promise that as long as you want, I will stay as your friend who will listen and always be on your side, because you’ve always done the same for me no matter how crazy I got.

Here’s to hoping even if one day we do grow apart, we will still stay friends who will always be there for each other.

Here’s to being friends for the next thousand years, Jess. Too late to stop being friends now, can’t get rid of me now.

P.S. Please ignore the twilight parts of the music video. I just like the song, not the movie that it was a soundtrack of. You should know that by now.

 – S.A.W.