The Old and the New – Summer Night Market 2013

While Vancouver is on full-blast summer at the moment, today’s post will be on one of my favourite traditions of summer; the Night Market. Nothing quite says that summer is here like the stalls of various popular street foods, as well as numerous booths selling everything from DVDs to socks with animals on them.

20130601_192912[The Giant Magical Duck]

This year, there are two seperate Night Markets in Richmond, and one in Chinatown. The Richmond Night Market is a walking distance away from the Canada Line Bridgeport station at the River Rock Casino Resort. While parking is free there, there is an entrance fee of $2 per person. The other night market is the International Night Market, located on Vulcan Way behind Home Depot. This location was the original night market, but since the newer one by the casino opened, they had to change names to differentiate between the two. There is a free shuttle bus underneath the Bridgeport Station that takes you right to the entrance of the International Night Market, available every 20 minutes starting at 7:00pm. There is no entrance fee at this location, but parking would cost you $4, so if you plan to drive there, it might be cheaper to go with a bunch of friends and make them pay for the parking. And do bring cash, as most of the stalls only take that form of payment. It is Richmond, after all.

Now with all the mundane informative bits out of the way, here are some of the foods I like to purchase at the Night Market. Reminds me of Hong Kong actually, just a touch more multi-cultural. 

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A Dull Life

Hello all. Been a while since I’ve updated, sorry about that. With only one final left, I can finally start catching up on life. I’ve been catching up on the latest episodes of Game of Thrones, and I can’t believe I haven’t read the books yet. I’ll get to it eventually.

I’ve also recently went to the Baker’s Market (at the¬†Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre), after missing it for 2 years now because of work. I was slightly¬†disappointed, because I was expecting more vendors. It somehow resembled a more sophisticated version of a¬†bake sale, but the goods they had were still delicious. They had macarons, cookies, brownies, cupcakes, croissants, cake pops, and so on. Most of the stalls give out samples of their baked goods to taste before you buy them. I only wish that there was a greater variety to the choices of goodies.

Here’s a few pictures from my very limited life outside of school recently. I’ll try to get a life, but I only have a week for break before summer semester starts again. On the bright side, my birthday is coming up, which means presents! It is slightly alarming to realize I only have about five days left of being a teenager, but I suppose I’ll always act as if I’m still 15.

I’ll try to squeeze another blog update before I turn 20, but I’m not very good at motivating myself. I’ll end this post with a picture of my latest girl crush,¬†Daenerys Targaryen¬†from a¬†Game of Thrones.¬†

I love this quote so much, girl power for the win! Thanks for putting up with my inane babbling, I’ll try to make my life sound more interesting before we all die of boredom.